Statement on Tribe Square Vacancies

WILLIAMSBURG, VA - Williamsburg City Councilman Benming Zhang released the following statement on Thursday morning:

“I am deeply disappointed by the departure of the last remaining tenant from Tribe Square. With the eviction of The Crust, the property is now completely vacant. Students have lost several valuable off-campus options in four years.”

As then-Mayor Haulman stated in 2011, Tribe Square was conceived as a town-gown project that would draw student residents to amenities within walking distance while contributing to our City’s downtown atmosphere.

While this is private property owned by the College’s Real Estate Foundation, there is a vested public interest to see these retail spaces succeed.

“Since I began serving on City Council, I have regularly communicated my concerns to the Foundation to no avail. The Foundation showed promise with their past redevelopment plans, but their lack of action is frustrating.”

“The Foundation should consider the impact their actions have on student residents. If they have imminent plans for filling these vacant spaces, they should release them as soon as possible.”

“This news reaffirms my commitment to pressing the Real Estate Foundation and College administration to provide suitable amenities in the spirit of the original Tribe Square proposal.”