Statement on the City Council’s Decision Re: Tourism Development Fund

Williamsburg, VA - On Thursday, the Williamsburg City Council postponed a vote on the Tourism Development Fund until July, concluding that members needed more information before making a final decision.  

Zhang said, “I am pleased to see Council make the right move by delaying the adoption of the Tourism Development Fund and an unprecedented tax increase. As I have said from the beginning, we must not approve the Tourism Development Fund without fully understanding the consequences. The City needs to conduct an economic impact study and engage with key stakeholders and the public in a transparent way.”

Zhang received dozens of emails and phone calls from citizens urging against the tax increase. A number of concerned constituents also attended the Thursday City Council meeting to voice their disapproval.

“Today upheld our longstanding tradition of fiscally responsible government. I am thankful to residents for their valuable and diverse input while this proposal was being considered,” Zhang said.  

Zhang also hoped more research would bring clarity to the proposal, “Taking a step back and reevaluating the Fund with more information about its impact on our city, present and future, is the correct way to proceed. We should not waste a prime opportunity to better our community by rushing to implement under-advised policies.”